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HASiL e-Newsletter for January 2021 is out!

Start the new year by getting updated with the latest changes and continuities of taxing policies.

In line with the government’s effort to increase the usage of online payment (e-payment), the IRB announced that cheques delivered via mail or courier services will no longer be accepted starting from 1 January 2021.

However, the IRB informed that the above does not apply to the following types of payment:

  1. Real Property Gains Tax (RPGT) under Section 21B of RPGT Act 1976 (Form CKHT 502);

  2. Income tax for Public Entertainers (visiting artists);

  3. Withholding tax; or

  4. Compound.

Other than paying over payment counters at IRB’s collection centres, taxpayers may make their tax payments through the following mediums:

  1. ByrHasil through IRBM’s official website at;

  2. Internet banking portal of banks appointed as tax collection agent by IRB;

  3. Over the counter of banks appointed as tax collection agent by IRB;

  4. Cash / cheque deposit machine; or

  5. Automated teller machine (ATM).

For tax payments made through the above mediums, no payment receipt will be issued. Taxpayers should retain the bank confirmation slip or e-payment transaction slip for each transaction made as proof of payment.

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